Fun With Schlage Link and Python

So I have a Schlage LiNK Wireless Keypad Entry Lever Lock Starter Kit System. I am trying to take the whole thing apart call by call but until I am ready to post that I wanted a quick easy way to interface with the system in a semi cool way. Basically I wanted anyone who types the code in the door to hear “Welcome home” $First $last. So I decided that I could at least in the time being before I figure out Zwaves command classes, just check my email (Special notification Inbox) and parse the name from there. This works pretty well, I mark it as read so I don’t see it the second time around and then set it on a launchd job. Though really you could use this to run any command based on a special subject line, so its a quick easy example of something sorta cool. I have not had a chance to make a youtube video of it, but I will when its a little more sexy ( and I get the arduino hooked up to the metal skull servos, yes I am totally not joking that I have a metal skull that I am teaching to speak).