System-Type an IOReg POC CLI

I just posted a little command line here

This little binary will tell you if you have a Laptop or Desktop. It reads this value using the system-type in IOKit (IOPlatformExpertDevice). You can parse this value your self using the ioreg (-l) command but Its not formatted well, so I decided to make this as its a pretty common request. For instance I once had a school district that wanted to turn off wireless on all Desktops as they were having MYNAME(37) bonjour name conflict issues.

There is a little example.command shell script to show you the two ways you would use this in your scripts. laptops are value 2 (exit 1) and Desktops are value 1 (exit 0). The exit values allow you to use standard logic built-in to run the command and use its exit value. Or if you think thats lame you can parse the text. To each there own but I like exit values

Known Issues: As I recall this does not cover PowerPC machines, but I have not seen an intel that does not use this value. Maybe iPad 3 will be 3 ;)

To Do: I will make a little installer for it as some point and put it in /usr/local/bin/system-type Could use some options as well such as controlling behaviour Maybe XML output, and put some other values?